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Yonic V-Spa is for all “WOMBLYN” who desire physical wellness through natural herbal medicine and harmony with their inner woman.

It is our divine pleasure to offer organic and wild-crafted herbs for your yoni steam practice, handcrafted in small batches and set with intention for your highest healing in Washington State.

My name is Ebony Washington, I’m a herbal healer. I do believe in customizing herbs for WOMBLYN helps support their healing journey. 


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    Ebony Washington is an herbal healer fueled by a passion for helping people! Ebony was raised in a family home with a core belief in the use of herbs and holistic medicine, giving her over 20 years of experience in herbal healing.

    Not only does her knowledge stem from her ancestor background, She has also spent time traveling the world to perfect her craft, meeting with experts in the field from Africa to South America.

    Her hunger for knowledge and helping people transforms that information into healing which has contributed to her largest success- keeping her community healthy- mentally, physically and spiritually with her herbs!

    Ebony strives to lift her community, society, and even the nations education regarding the value of herbs and personal health. She truly believes that mindfulness and education is the apex of importance in keeping your mind body and soul healthy! After all as she says “ true wealth is in your health!”

    She gives you a feeling of connection with yourself and others making people feel comfortable and accepted. She custom blends each steam for Yoni and Lingams, listening to all your personalized needs creating a healthy comfortable relationship with you to best connect you with yourself!

    Ebony is a warm caring person who truly cares about everyone’s well being! She will do anything she can to make sure you are completely comfortable in her shared sacred space.

    You will leave Royal Yonic feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and peaceful mentally and physically.

    If your ready to heal your inner lingam connection or your “WOMBLYN”, be a part of a sisterhood and embrace new health at Royal Yonic Spa.


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